Lecture – SB 1.15.46 Analysis of Bhagavad Gita 7.15-16

SB 01.15.46 Analysis of Bhagavad Gita 7.15-16 2013-02-09 (Cows, Vegan)

Lecture – Srimad Bhagavatam 1.15.46 Analysis of Bhagavad Gita 7.15-16 2013-02-09

Melbourne: Happiness of being Brahman realized multiplied by billions of times is nowhere close to even a drop of happiness derived from ocean of devotional service. Your own special private hell

?udras mudhas. Without submission.
Vaisyas naradhama seem to have Culture
Mayaparitya jñ?n? Kshatriyas

Photos & Video–Who let the cows out


Letting the cows out to pasture – Bhaktivedanta Manor –

His Holiness Prahladananda Swami talked on the significance of caring for cows and the benefits of milk.

Following a ceremony at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Letchmore Heath, Hertfordshire the happy Hare Krishna cows are let out after winter inside their barns. See if they are unsure, jump for joy or are more blasé.