Book Distribution – Book distribution is a transcendental activity; it helps us learn to always rely on Krsna

Next Prahladananda Swami spoke. He said, "In the early days of the movement there was one person who was regularly hearing from Prabhupada. Then one time Prabhupada handed him a piece of paper with the Hare Krsna mantra written on it. The person said, ‘When Prabhupada handed me that piece of paper, it was like he was handing me the whole world.’ Similarly, we are distributing these books, and the people may not understand the value of the books, but we should understand their value and the value of distributing them. Book distribution is a transcendental activity; it helps us learn to always rely on Krsna."

Maharaja continued: "When I first started distributing books in 1968, we didn’t have any techniques, so we would just pray to Krsna. People would come out of nowhere and give donations, and we would give them books.

"Once I was distributing in Dallas, which is a very difficult place to distribute in. On this day I didn’t want to go out; my mind was giving me so much trouble because I was going out by myself. But I forced myself to go out. When I got to the spot, everyone seemed like they had come from Vaikuntha. I didn’t know what had happened. It was such a pleasant experience. Not only did they look like they came from Vaikuntha, but they acted like it. Practically everyone I approached took a BTG and gave a donation. I could understand that it was a reciprocation from Krsna because I had surrendered to going out even though I didn’t want to. Krsna was showing me that He was pleased by some determination despite my mind giving me so much trouble. So we have to somehow engage in this activity that is so pleasing to Krsna even though our mind may not be interested."


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