The old days–two chapatis and some apple chutney for the day

I showered up (there is a fair bit of dust up there, tucked on top of those awnings) and came back for HH Prahladananda Swami’s class.  He was telling lovely stories of the Prabhupada days and book distribution.  One time he mentioned was when Srila Prabhupada sent him to open a center.  He arrived and found he was living in a park, with a sannyasi and his servant.  All the sannyasi would give them to eat was two chapatis (and some apple chutney).  They would cook chapatis all day and distribute them to hippies and then be rewarded at the end with only two.  Finally he was asked to join the Radha Damodara party instead and had to leave this other arrangement.  He made his way, with no money, to the town that the party was located.  He had no idea where they were and had to search them out.  Finally, when he found them, they gave him some prasadam.  He was a little confused when they gave him six chapatis and instructed him to eat them all, as he was conditioned to think that everyone in ISKCON must only be eating two chapatis (with some apple chutney).  Naturally he ate all the chapatis up, hungry from travelling and felt the mercy from Krsna in a new fashion.

From Leading To Gaura Purnima and Sankirtana Saturday by MESSAGES FROM MADD MONK

from this lecture – Book Distribution Lecture – BG 18.68-69 – Not Krishna’s Vacation, No He Comes To Enlighten 3-18-2011

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