Great lecture – Cow Protection Solves All Economic Problems

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I usually test whether or not I’m “on track” with my Krishna Consciousness by comparing my preaching and thinking with the topics that my spiritual master covers when he visits. Generally in the weeks or months before his visit I’ll be talking about the same things that he touches on when he comes. This time I wasn’t so in sync with his thinking, but I was completely blown away by the class that His Holiness Prahladananda Swami gave when he arrived in Brisbane. It’s almost like he has been listening to the Red Hill Conversations Podcast.

Afterwards I spoke with Maharaja and told him: “It’s uncanny – these are exactly the topics we’ve been discussing over these past months”. And he replied: “Well, we’re reading the same books, so you’d hope so…”

As the saying goes – “Confirmed”. 🙂

Here it is in all its smack down on vaccination, fluoride, and modern medicine / pharmaceutical industry glory:

Lecture – SB 8.24.4-5 Cow Protection Solves All Economic Issues (mp3, 62 mins, 56 MB)

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