Class notes by Mucukunda

My Notes from a Class by Prahladananda Swami yesterday

•dream world.
some people are living a dream but they want to have a better dream. They’re having a nightmare but they want to have a nice dream but the ancient Vedic texts say we should wake up from our dream and experience real awake blissful life.

•faulty shelter
if we don’t hear about the nice shelter of krsna, if we don’t have a type of faith okitties in the krsnas divine shelter we must take shelter of police, fences, seat belts helmets etc but as long as we put our faith, dependence or trust in these temporary and limited shelters krsna will not reveal himself to us. Just like if I don’t trust you to tell you some inner thing then you probably won’t reveal your self to me either.


today’s class
• Once upon a time only 150 years ago we’d just go to the well and collect the water but now were predicting a war on water and the water from the tap is questionable whether it’s even pure water because it’s got oestrogen from all the contraceptive pills ppl take that goes back into water and which is what was used by hitler to dumb ppl down.

•We used to just through some seeds in the ground and grow some veges and grains but now we forgot that art and science because were too busy trying to manipulate our remotes to Change the channel on the tv.

•We used to just breath but now in some parts of the world at certain times of the day we have to buy some air if we want to breath. So only if your very rich can you breath.

We used to just go to the beach to be refreshed, bathe and have fun with friends, now we go to the movies and watch a 4d film that squirts water at you so you actually feel like your at the beach and of course we gotta pay for that to.
Anger is an advanced stage of frustration and the root of this frustration is that were trying to be god but were not and we we gate the fact that were not god and any one who doesn’t realise your god is a rascal and any one who helps us be god or acknowledges our self acclaimed godhood is very nice.
•Attachment to result and the desire to enjoy ones activities makes its extremely hard just to
You so agitated thinking about your plans that you don’t live in the moment rather you live in an wishful future.

Mucukunda das

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