Prasada and book distribution

I attended a lunch yesterday cooked by the world famous cook and dear godbrother of mine, Kurma Prabhu. Bhurijana Prabhu was also there, he just arrived back from Vrindavan where he was teaching the Bhaktivaibhava course. The prasadam was amazing. It was made from organic vegetables grown in the garden of one devotee, Bhakta Trevor. Although we all eat to our full satisfaction no one afterwards felt that they had overeaten. The prasada seemed just to melt in the mouth.

Book distribution was very sweet today. I went with Bhakta Emauel and in a little over two hours I distributed 10 Science of Self Realization (H) 5 Journey of Self Discovery (H), 8 Quest of Enlightenment (H), 10 Perfection of Yoga, 8 Chant and Be Happy, 3 Higher Tastes and collect almost AUS$ 200.

#Prahladananda Swami

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