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Our process of attaining perfection is largely via the sense of hearing. Communications are very important to all of us. Hearing losses can be caused by a veiety of agents, including aging, noise exposure, and disease processes. For example, diabetics and those with a thyroid condition almost always suffer hearing loss of varying degrees.^M
As these bodies age, some of us, not all, are subject to a diminished ability to sense or process sounds due to either a degradation in functions specific to the cochlea, also called the inner ear, or due to an overall diminishing function of the nervous system in general. These are nerve-type hearing losses, known as presbycusis, and best compensated by use of hearing aids, being otherwise currently untreatable by allopathic (Western scientific) medecine or surgery.
Hearing aids nowadays are digital computors, and have the capacity to reduce interfering background noise, and to keep all amplified sounds within a comfortable range for the individual. These aidas are programmed to the individual by computor program, and can be altered immensely in functions as may be required. They take a little effort to become familiar with, especially in the case of long-standing hearing loss which has gone untreated. The sooner the hearing loss is addressed, the better the likely outcome.
The prices of hearing aids range from about 1000 to as much as 3000 dollars each! Many provinces and states have funding to help seniors attain these products; in this regard, contact local audiologists or hearing aid dealers for advice as to whom to contact to apply for this help. If your income is very low, then full funding may be available.
Otherwise, most insurance programs cover only a portion of the costs involved. The cost, while prohibitive for some, is well worth it for most.
Hearing aids nowadays sound better than ever, and it is possible to fit almost any type of hearing loss to provide greater clarity, and thus relieve communications strain. Those with milder degress of hearing loss have problems in less-than-optimal listening situations, such as in groups, across a distance, in noisy places, or when feeling fatigued and inattentive. Symptoms of hearing loss include denial of the problem, important others mentioning that we are not hearing well, playing TV or other common devices at a loudness which is annoying to others, speaking extra loudly, withdrawal from social interaction, strain of listening, asking people to repeat themselves too often, and even depression and anxiety.
There are two main service providers; hearing aid dealers, and audiologists. The latter have an advanced degree, and will also provide thorough diagnosis and referral, as necessary, to physicians or EarNoseThroat specialists. Obtaining a diagnosis is the first order of business in rehabilitating any hearing disorder. Hearing aid dealers have relatively little advanced education, but the fact remains that that service provider who is experienced and takes a genuine interest in helping you to hear better, is the best provider. Prices of aids can vary, however, so a little shopping around can save Krsna’s money. Some hearing aid providers try to sell the most expensive products possible, so choose someone with an honest reputation.
I have been fitting hearing aids for many years, and am currently providing services at a Costco store in Canada. Surveys, and my own experience, suggest that Costco actually has the best value among those currently fitting hearing aids. The prices are much better than average, there is an extended waranty, and free loss and damage insurance worth hundreds of dollars at no additional charge. You should be a Costco member to acquire the free hearing screening provided at Costco for members. The ability of the hearing aid fitters here varies, but competency is high overall. Otherwise, a private practive audiologist is most likely to provide excellent service.
I will be happy to advise as to which products may be best for those who contact me, especially if they provide an audiogram or other specific information about the hearing losses involved.
I will provide more information on hearing in times to come,or as requested by the devotees.
Hoping this meets you in best of health and spirits! Gauraharibol!
Tom Garden, Tamoharadasa M.S., Aud.(C), R. Aud., (ACBSP)
403-516-3711 at work
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Calgary, alberta, Canada
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#Prahladananda Swami – 14/9/06;

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