Temporary Vrindavan Hospice Update


    While Priya Sakhi devi dasi has been assisting many devotees in the Vrindavan area for some time with various medical needs, she recently assisted in the passing on of a Vraj resident – a first for her at the Temporary Vrindavan Hospice. The devotee, Vani Seva devi dasi, had been residing in Vrindavan for about 6 or 7 years and had just returned home a few days prior from a trip abroad when she suffered a massive heart attack. Doctors at the local hospital confirmed the heart attack and encouraged her to rest and sleep, but she stayed awake instead and prepared to leave her body. A tape of Srila Prabhupada chanting japa was playing while Priya Sakhi dasi and others talked to her about Srimati Radharani. After about 5 hours, she opened her eyes and mouth wide, not in fear, but as though surprised. Priya Sakhi dasi placed tulasi and Nrsimhadeva oil from Mayapur on her, and she exhaled her last breath as Sri Radha’s name was being chanted loudly. She was later cremated and a feast was held in her honor, sponsored by another local devotee.
Though Krishna Kumari dd, who helped prepare for the cremation, advised Priya Sakhi dasi to rest for two days afterwards, it is the season for fevers, infections, and the flu, and our dedicated Priya Sakhi dasi continued on with her service of tending to the needs of devotees in Vrindavan. May Krishna bless her for her dedicated service as He has certainly blessed Vani Seva, who left her body so peacefully in His holy land on His beloved Srimati Radharani’s Appearance Day.
#Prahladananda Swami – 14/9/06;

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